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Here's a few links to some of the best strongman sites around in no particular order. I might be adding more sites of interest here. If you would like me to add your site then please email me.

Please note these links will open in a new window.

Ettiene Smit - Ettiene is currently without a doubt the best strongman in South Africa. He has recently set up his own website.

Gerrit Badenhorst - Without a doubt the most successful powerlifter and strongman ever to come out of South Africa. Gerrit has recently launched a singing career. Check out his new site. He welcomes international orders for his first CD that contains "The Strongman Anthem". Great stuff.

The Anvil - One of the best strongman discussion forum that I know of.

Real Dutch Power - Although aimed at Dutch strongmen, it is a very good site with detailed info and pictures of competitions like the World's Strongest Man. One of the best.

Elite Fitness Systems - This is Dave Tate, one of the Westside Guru's site. If you read all the articles on this site then you'll know exactly how I train.

Sterksteman Pagina - Maintained by the same guy as Real Dutch Power, Jan Haaring, it is the most complete list of links to other strongman sites that I have encountered on the Internet.

Strength Discussion Strongman Forum - Trevor aka MaxPower's excellent and very busy strength discussion forum. A valuable resource to all athletes and another place that I personally frequent.

Strongest Men in Slovenia - Slovenia has a large number of truly gifted strongmen. This very impressive site is maintained by Bojan Vidmar. Amongst other things, it features some excellent strongman pictures.

For comments or feedback please email bigarnie@bigarnie.co.za.

This page was last updated on 11 May 2005.