2005 South African Strongman Championships


EVENT 7: The Yoke Walk

The yoke consisted of two steel drums loaded up with weights for a total of 380kg (836lb) that had to be carried on the shoulders over a distance of 20 meters for the fastest time. The signal was given with the yoke still on the floor meaning that the lifting of the apparatus also counted as part of the final time. Let me tell you this: this was one tough and very heavy event! Only four guys managed to complete the full distance. Below is Ettiene on the starting line.

The results of this event were as follows:

David 14.75s
Ettiene 16.22s
Malone 24.78s
Arno 36.06s
Andre 16.17m
Hennie 15m
Willem 13.24m
Johan 11.97m
Stephan 7.46m
Rory 6.26m

Dave once again had a brilliant run, taking only 14.75 seconds to complete the course. He was almost running! However, Ettiene did extremely well and, was it not for the fact that he stumbled a few meters from the finish line, the result would have been very close. Malone and myself both had to stop once but completed the course without drama. Of the other guys, Andre came closest to going full distance at 16.17 meters.

Going into the final event of this competition the leaderboard looked like this:

Ettiene 127
David 119
Arno 110.5
Malone 103.5
Andre 95.5
Johan 91.5
Willem 90
Stephan 87
Hennie 85.5
Rory 77

Although Ettiene was still leading comfortably, Dave's very good comeback over the last few events meant that he was now within range going into the last event. If Ettiene slipped up badly on the atlas stones Dave could still make it. Nobody gained or relinquished positions on the yoke walk although positions 5 through 9 were close enough together to make things interesting after this penultimate event.

The pictures of the yoke walk didn't come out very well...

Rory on the starting line.

Hennie on the move.

Stephan with Dave as always giving support.

Willem 2 meters into his run.

Johan with 380kg on his shoulders.


Malone had to put down once. My brother is behind him. Me.
Dave starting his sprint.    

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