2005 South African Strongman Championships


EVENT 6: The Farmer's Walk

Event 6 was a farmer's walk for distance. The "suitcases" were particularly heavy at 150kg (330lb) each. Athletes had to walk as far as possible without putting down the implements. The course was 30 meters long with a 180 degrees turn at each end. The handles were standard painted steel with no knurling. Obviously this was going to be a grip event.

When looking at the result below, I have to point something out: The scorekeepers didn't measure each athlete's distance. Instead, they used marking tape to indicate each competitor's final distance and simply transferred this to the score sheet. The result is that I've got no way of telling you what distance each athlete completed. I can only point out their relative positions. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that...

David 2.1
Ettiene 1.8
Johan 1
Malone 0.8
Andre 0.7
Willem 0.6
Arno 0.5
Rory 0.4
Stephan 0.3
Hennie 0.2

Dave Cooks was, as usual, unstoppable on this event. Seeing this man run with 150kg (330lb) in each hand is a sight to behold. Dave went all the way round the 30 meter marker, came back round the starting line marker and a few meters back again. That's more than 60 meters! Ettiene put up a brave fight in second position by almost getting back to the start line. The only other noteworthy performance was from Johan who completed the first 30 meters.

None of the other guys were very happy with their performance here. I personally had big trouble on my grip with the right hand "suitcase" slipping the moment I picked it up. From there on it was just a matter of hanging on with the bar precariously hanging in my fingers. I didn't find the weight particularly heavy. That's probably because I trained with oxygen cylinders where the handles are much closer to the ground than on these "suitcases". Ah well...

The overall point standings after the farmer's walk were as such:

Ettiene 109
David 100
Arno 94.5
Malone 86.5
Andre 80.5
Johan 79.5
Willem 77
Stephan 76
Hennie 71.5
Rory 67

Not surprisingly Ettiene was maintaining a comfortable lead. Dave finally managed to nudge me out of second position. Johan's very good performance in on this event pushed him up two positions on the leader board into 6th. Stephan lost some ground here.

I don't have a lot of pictures of the farmer's walk.


Rory didn't have the sort of run that he would have liked

Neither did Hennie.


Willem didn't do too badly at all.

Stephan just off the starting line.


Andre being interviewed by Garth after his run.

Dave getting psyched up to boldly go where no man has gone before.

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