2005 South African Strongman Championships


EVENT 3: The Tyre Flip

We almost had trouble on the tyre flip: It was overcast all morning and just before we started this event, it started raining, making the tyre very slippery. Gerrit almost abandoned the event but someone suggested that we take the tyre to right in front of the Dome's main entrance where there is a roof (We couldn't use the inside of the Dome itself as people were frantically scurrying around getting it ready for the main event the next day). The plan was to flip the tyre to and fro with the athlete running 180 degrees around the tyre after each flip and then flipping it back the way it came from. Nobody objected to this idea so we decided to do it that way. I figured that this arrangement came unexpectedly for everybody with the result that nobody got advantaged by it.

As a personal note I have to say that I was absolutely destroyed by this time. Gerrit kept the pace of the competition very high with events following each other very quickly. The truck pull put a huge demand on my legs and I wasn't nearly rested by the time we started with the deadlift. Needless to say the deadlift completely finished me off. When the tyre flip started, everybody stood around in a half circle cheering on the athletes. Not me. Instead, I went around the corner and found a dry spot where I could lie down. They had to come and call me when it was my turn to go! Ah well, I've got nobody to blame for my lack of fitness but myself. I reckon that if I trained events at least once a week in preparation for this competition instead of my almost complete lack thereof things would have been much easier for me. This picture tells the whole story...

But back to the plot: The tyre we had to flip weighed around 410kg (900lb) and was one of the more difficult tyres that I've flipped in my life. The idea was to flip the tyre for a total of 8 flips with a 180 degrees run around the tyre between each flip. There was a cut-off time of 90 seconds. Just to give you an idea of the general setup as well as the size of the tyre, here's a picture of Hennie.

Here's a graph with the results of the tyre flip:



Andre 8 38.69
Johan 8 42.97
David 8 45.26
Malone 8 45.75
Arno 8 49.66
Stephan 8 53.34
Willem 8 54.54
Hennie 8 73.72
Pieter 8 83.13
Ian 8 83.53
Rory 7 0
MartinJ 5 0
Allan 4 0
Eben 4 0
Nico 3 0
Driko 3 0
Wimpie 0 0
MartinS 0 0

Out of the 19 competitors 8 people could not complete the required 8 flips in the allocated time. Rory came closest with 7 flips. For the second time out of 3 events Ettiene was in a class of his own. Andre had a very good run in second position and Johan had his best performance thus far in third. I felt good right through but my grip slipped on my very last flip causing me to lose lots of precious time. Ian and Pieter did very well to finish all 8 flips despite probably being the two shortest guys in the field.

The overall point standings after the tyre flip looked as follows:

Ettiene 56
Arno 50
David 49
Andre 41
Johan 39.5
Malone 38
Willem 37
Stephan 36
Hennie 33
Ian 32
Pieter 31.5
Rory 27
Eben 27
Allan 18.5
Driko 18
MartinJ 11.5
MartinS 10
Nico 9.5
Wimpie 5

Ettiene was opening up a very big lead here while I was precariously hanging on to second position. The three top positions were still comfortably ahead of the pack, though. Andre's very good performance moved him up two positions into 4th. Johan did even better by moving up four positions into 5th. The other guys to move up some positions were Hennie, Rory, Allan and Martin Joubert. Ian dropped the most positions here, going down from 6th down to 10th. Willem and Stephan slipped 3 positions each.

Here's some pictures taken during the tyre flip. Clicking on the thumbnails produces the full-sized pictures.


MartinJ performed well on this event.

Nico on his third flip.


Nico almost got his 4th flip.

MartinS battled on tyre but almost got this one over.


Allan got 4 flips.

Driko on his first flip.


Rory almost completely obscured by the massive tyre.

Eben running around the tyre between flips.


Dave psyching up before his run.

Pieter was the first guy to complete all 8 flips. Impressive for such a short guy.


Pieter on his last flip.

Hennie wasted no time.


Johan loves the tyre and it showed. He looked excellent in 3rd position.

Ian did very well and got all 8 flips.


Andre was the surprise of this event. He looked brilliant.

Malone was consistent as always.


Stephan on the go. His bride looks on in the background.

Willem looked very well and only slipped up on his last flip.


It is obvious that Dave has flipped a few tyres before.

Me. My brother is standing behind me.


Ettiene was unstoppable.



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