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2005 South African Strongman Championships

Coca Cola Dome, 22 and 23 April 2005

sponsored by

This looks set to be one of the biggest events in South African strongman history. The competition will form part of a physique and wellness expo also organised by M-Magazine. Click here to find out more about this expo. Don't miss this one if you are anywhere near Northgate, Johannesburg at the end of April 2005. The competition will run over two days with the first day (22 April) open to any athlete who wishes to enter while only the top ten guys will qualify for the final four events on the following day. The winner will receive a nice cheque of R16000 and there will be very good prize money right down to tenth position.

The events for day one are the following:

  1. Truck pull for fastest time over set distance.

  2. Car deadlift of approximately 250kg for highest number of reps in allocated time.

  3. Tyre flip of 380kg for fastest time over 25 meters.

  4. Circle walk (Conan's wheel)

After day 1, the points will be added up and the top 10 athletes will qualify for day 2 and will have their points carried over. The events will be as follows:

  1. Log lift for highest number of reps in 75 seconds.

  2. Farmer's walk with two 145kg suitcases.

  3. Yoke walk of 360kg over 20 meters for fastest time.

  4. Atlas stones from 120kg to 160kg.

As you can see there's quite a nice spread of events and I'm sure there's something for everybody's taste.

Update 9 March 2005:

Here's a list of all the athletes that have confirmed participation in this year's SAs:

Appelcryn, Pieter

Chapman, Allan Peter

Claassen, Stephan

Cooks, David

Els, Pieter

Henningse, Driko

Horn, Malone

Jordaan, Hennie

Joubert, Martin

Kelder, Johan

Lambrechts, Arno

Le Roux, Eben

Le Roux, Ian

Moore, Willem

Scheepers, Rory

Sherdren, Martin

Smit, Ettiene

Smit, Gys

Swanepoel, Hannes

Swart, Dawid

Ujdur, Nico

Van Huysteen, Johan

Van Loggerenberg, Wimpie

Sheez, that's a lot of athletes! Eight of last year's top ten guys are competing again.

Update 10 May 2005: Click here to go to the full results.


Page last updated 10 May 2005