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2004 South African Strongman Championships

Hillfox Centre, Roodepoort

28 and 29 August 2004

sponsored by

Daihatsu / CitroŽn

Whew! I thought that this review was never going to be written! I have almost given up on getting a decent set of pictures of the competition (seeing that my pictures came out very badly). Finally, Andrew Carruthers, editor of the excellent Muscle Evolution Magazine came to the rescue. Andrew is a great guy and his magazine's extensive coverage of strongman has done a lot to boost our sport in South Africa. Thanks again!

In order to qualify for the 2004 finals, athletes had to compete in a qualifying event that took place in Pretoria a few months before the finals. The top 13 guys were allowed to compete in the finals.

Now, most of you will probably recognise the guy kneeling in the front. That's right, its Gerrit Badenhorst, the legend of South African strongman and powerlifting. He was the chief referee of the competition and is the president of the South African Strongman Union (SASU), which is affiliated with IFSA. The other guys are as follows:

Standing: Rory Scheepers from Pietermaritzburg, Jason McGinn, Willy Kearny, my training partner Willem Moore, Johan van Huyssteen, the defending SA champion Dave Cooks, me, Dave's training partner Stephan Claassen, Eben le Roux from the Free State, Ettiene Smit from Pretoria and Hennie Jordaan from the Limpopo Province. Seated are Marthinus de Bruyn and ex-SA champ Johan van Heerden.

The competition was run over two days with four events per day. The first day consisted of the hand-over-hand pull, the loglift, the yoke walk and the atlas stones. Day two (Sunday) started off with a truck pull followed by a deadlift, a tyre flip and a medley race.

The standard of the competition was particularly high and some of the events were really, really tough. However, the prize money made it worthwhile with the winner taking home a cool ten grand. Not too shabby at all!

To find out how things went, click here to continue on to the hand-over-hand pull.


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