We were required to pick up a yoke consisting of two steel drums connected to each other with a steel pipe. The whole contraption weighed slightly over 300kg. It was quite unsteady and took a fair amount of balance. We had to walk 12.5 meters, put down the yoke, turn around, pick it up again and walk back. This was a really tough event and only 5 out of the 11 guys managed to go the distance. We're all walking around with badly bruised shoulders at the moment!

This event very nearly had to be scrapped, though. When Pieter got under the yoke, it was discovered that he was not tall enough to lift the drums off the ground! Luckily someone from the audience had a power drill in his car and Gerrit was able to drill another set of holes for Pieter.

Personally I had a lot of trouble keeping the yoke on my shoulders. While the weight was manageable to me, the yoke kept slipping off my back and I dropped it about four times. Guys like Etienne who are familiar with the yoke had a much easier time.

This is how things panned out:

As you can see, six guys didn't make it all the way. Etienne, Gerhard and David were really fast while me and Gys were slower.

The total point standings after the yoke walk:

The guys who made up positions in this event were Arno and Gys. Athletes who dropped positions were Stephan and Johan. The other guys maintained their positions.

Some pictures of the yoke walk:

Hennie shortly after starting Andre ready to start
Me on the start line Stephan ready to go
Pieter too short for the yoke Gys on the move
Johan starting off Rohan
Rohan on the move Etienne psyching up
Etienne ready to roll Etienne working hard
Gerhard on his way to third place Gerhard on the move
Dave getting ready Dave winning the yoke walk

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