A steel sled weighing roughly 100kg was loaded with another 100kg of weights. A rope was attached to the sled. Athletes were required to drag the sled from a seated position over a distance of 25 meters for the fastest time. The cut-off time was 90 seconds.

The results were as follows:

Etienne was once again the mean machine on this event, beating Johan by more than 5 seconds into second place. From Pieter in seventh place to Johan in second the times were very close. Stephan, Andre and I were considerably slower. Hennie battled here and did not complete the distance.

This event turned out not to be that hard on the body and the sled was actually too light for some guys, making it difficult for them to keep tension in the rope.

The total points after the sled drag:

David was slightly increasing his lead over Gerhard in second place. The only guys who gained positions in this event were Stephan and Johan, while the guys who lost positions were Arno, Pieter and Gys. The other guys maintained their positions.

Here's some pics from the sled drag:

Hennie getting ready Hennie on the move
Andre Me taking up the slack
Me halfway through Stephan
The ladies's favourite Johan Johan getting ready
Johan nearly done Rohan
Gys Etienne
Etienne shortly before winning Gerhard
Mean machine Dave Cooks Dave getting ready
Dave working hard Dave at the finish line

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