Athletes were required to complete a total distance of 60 meters carrying two suitcases weighing around 135kg each.  There was a 180 degree turn after 30 meters. The guy with the fastest time wins. There was a cut-off time of 90 seconds and athletes were allowed to put the suitcases down and pick them up again.

I personally found the suitcases (supplied by Etienne) to be quite heavy compared to most strongman suitcases that I've handled.

These are the final results for the farmer's walk:

As you can see, three guys did not go the full distance in the allocated 90 seconds. Pieter and I were quite slow while the other guys were fairly equal. Gys surprised with a brilliant run that put him in fourth place, only 6 hundredths of a second behind Etienne!

Here are the points standings after the farmer's walk:

Gerhard and David were opening up a huge gap at this point. The guys who gained ground on this event were Arno, Etienne, Gys, Rohan and David. Johan kept his position and the other guys were losing ground.

Here's some random pictures from this event. Click the thumbnails for full-sized pictures:

Me, moments after starting my run Me just past the 30m mark, pulling strain!
Etienne starting his run Etienne on his way to third place
Gys maintaining a mean pace Hennie on his way
Andre going well Rohan on his way to a fast time
Pieter wearing my wife's top (don't ask!) Johan with Dave shouting encouragement
Dave on his way to victory Stephan just after getting the signal
Gerhard on his way to second place    

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