For this event we were supplied with torpedo-style suitcases (oxygen cylinders filled with water). This event was not timed and the aim was to walk the longest distance without putting down the suitcases. The course was 30 meters long before we had to turn around and walk back.

The suitcases were actually quite heavy for this sort of competition and the grips were rather slippery and of large diameter which made this event probably the toughest of the day. Driko weighed the suitcases at 115kg (253 lb) each. I had the dubious distinction of being drawn number one for this event. As you'll probably know, the farmer's walk for distance is one of those events where, if you have to go first, you've got no mark to aim for, while every athlete that follows will be gunning for your mark. Anyhow, the first 30 meters felt okay but I had a bad turn causing my one grip to slip a little. This made the next 30 meters more difficult and I had to go as fast as I could to reach the 60 meter mark, where I called it a day. At this point I thought that 60 meters was not going to be enough for a victory and I expected at least Johan to be able to pass my mark.

Surprisingly Johan also battled with his grip and dropped the suitcases 10 meters short of my mark. The big surprise of this event was the very impressive performance of Willem, who managed to go 51 meters and beat Johan in the process! Driko, who always battled with the farmer's walk, has been making very good progress and went an easy 30 meters but the turn took it's toll and he ended on a much-improved 31 meters. The other guys were scattered between the start line and the 30 meter mark and their performance was not bad at all, considering the weight of the implements.

Here's some random pictures from this event. Click the thumbnails for full-sized pictures:

Willem off to a very good run Willem maintaining a fast pace
Willem after passing the 30 meter mark Pieter shortly after starting his run
Pieter putting up a huge fight Pieter being encouraged by Johan
Pieter calling it a day 2002 SA Strongman Champ Nigel Moss doing a demo for the crowd
Nigel almost went the full 60 meters without warming up Johan starting a very strong run
Johan maintaining a tight pace Johan shooting for the 60 meter mark
Jerry shortly after starting his run Jerry midway through
Garnett just after deadlifting the torpedos Garnett giving it his best shot
Eugene making it look very easy Eugene on his way
Driko starting off Driko on his way to fourth place
Me, just after starting my run Me, on the first leg
Me, aiming for the 60 meter mark    

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